Charity Project

How can I help?

Money Contribution   and / or

Skills / Knowledge Sharing directly with the Mozamboogy Team;  or

Hosting a "workshop"  in Molongane = teaching certain members of the community

your skills and sharing your knowledge with them.

WE BELIEVE IN GIVING BACK TO THE COMMUNITY MEMBERS OF THE VILLAGE IN PONTA MALONGANE, (ON THE DOORSTEP OF THE BEAUTIFUL HOME OF MOZAMBOOGY). JOIN THIS WONDERFUL INITIATIVE ... The Mozamboogy Knowledge Exchange Program 2018 The Idea Behind It All Amongst the majority of the Boogy Family, and all its diversity, we have on our hands, a very rare and colourful collection of vastly talented human beings, who all have skill-sets that could be of great value to the residents of the rural village of Ponta Malongane. We do believe it to be necessary and an obligation to share our skills with others. In doing so, we will contribute to uplift their community, allowing them to offer more products for sale to tourists visiting their village, and craft market, or for their lives to be more comfortable by means of new building methods, solar heating, compost toilets , you get the idea. We would also like to educate them on living green thus protecting the environment that we have all come to love, and admire. Volunteers We call upon all Mozamboogy Followers, who would be interested in assisting us with this wonderful project to contact us, and let us know what you could bring to the table. Please contact Karen, if you wish to participate. If you have any ideas you could add, if you have information, but not the time, to share, that is good to. If you wish to make a contribution towards this project, by means of materials, products and or money. Contributions If you wish to help, the easiest and much cherished method is to make a monetary contribution. This can be done very easily via our on-line booking system.

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