All About Malongane Beach Resort and the little village of Ponta Malongane


A spectacular venue, which can only be described as a little gem tucked away between the forest and the ocean.  The resorts run alongside the ocean, one kilometre in length.  This beach-front resort has been around for many years and is loved and very well known by all devoted scuba divers.  It is surrounded by several well-kept reefs.  The resort consists of a famous upper deck bar – with the most spectacular view over the ocean. During the boogy we convert this deck to our second dance floor, showcasing some sexy doef doef.  Camping at this resort is very comfortable as far as camping goes – since the entire resort has an abundance of large shady trees, soft sand – conducive to barefoot walking for your entire stay there and more than enough ablution facilities strategically placed throughout the resort.  A small canteen / shop to buy milk, eggs, ice, drinking water, and their delectable freshly baked local bread “pao”.  A limited amount of accommodation is available at the resort, varying in size and style.  The dive centre forms the “hub” of our event.  The gathering point every day for dive meetings, the place where our workshop presenters meet with all those interested in participating.


Guests must park in the designated areas only; we request that you do not park on the grass. If there are any problems please contact the reception or the resort’s management.


Guests should not damage or remove any of the plants in and around the resort.  They should respect the wildlife – do not feed the monkeys, the wild dogs or wild cats please. Please do not use trees for fire wood.  Fire wood can be purchased at canteen


Can be employed to assist you. Check at reception for available help. Please ensure that you discuss and agree on a wage that you will pay as the casual workers are not part of the Malongane team and therefore are not responsible for them. NO casual workers may work between 18H00 and 06H00. Wages vary between R200 – R250  per day per casual worker.  PLEASE MAKE SURE to negotiate and agree upon a daily rate before you employ a casual worker.  Please be kind and pay them at the end of the festival.  They work very hard.


You will get fined, or possibly arrested by the Military Police for indecent exposure (do not “skinny dip” in ocean during day or at night).  Do not smoke marijuana on the beaches, you will get arrested!.   DO NOT DRIVE on the beach, your vehicle will be impounded and you will be imprisoned.  Please do not make fires on the beach!