About Mozamboogy 2023

During the festival Mozamboogy provides FREE WORKSHOPS and amazing ENTERTAINMENT to keep you visually stimulated and in awe. 

*LEARN TO HOOLA HOOP (and get a great workout at the same time).  Proudly presented by the FRIENDS OF BOOGY

*Join our YOGA sessions on the beach (for more info see TIMETABLES AND MEETING POINTS on the NOTICE BOARDS at the RESORT DIVE CENTRE.

*Join a POI WORKSHOP and learn some poi and fire dancing skills.

*Treat yourself to a relaxing massage (chat to JONATHAN) at the DIVE CENTRE.




Champa began DJing as DJ Prozak in 1994 playing many different genres, from Jungle to techno to Trance to Hard House to Happy Hardcore and Funky & Progressive House. After having a successful global career DJing, at the end of the 90s he found himself promoting events and by 2005 he found his love for psytrance.

Promoting events and DJing was not enough so by 2011 he began producing his production project “Champa”. In 2012 he joined the world-renowned record label “YELLOW SUNSHINE EXPLOSION” and released his first album “MY SON” in 2013 and second album “TIGER” in 2014. Later he began compiling the Goa series and released over 10 double CDs in the series.

After many successful releases on many labels like “DACRU”, “BMSS”, & “IONO”, he realised he had to do more. His third album “GOOSEBUMPS” was released In 2017 on “ENTERREC” Music. He wanted to start his own label that he could help others to realise their dreams as well. The label has had numerous successful releases including his recent compilation number 1 charting “SYKADELIC DREAMS Vol.1”.

Champa has performed for nearly three decades at many festivals and events in South America, Asia, North & South Africa and nearly every country in Europe.


Djane Anastazja plays Groovy, Twilight, Night Fullon Psytrance ranging between 148 to165 BPM. Spiritual & Happy Hi-Tech Psytrance from 158 to 175BPM. Also playing Peek Time & Driving Techno between 130 to 155 BPM. Her connection into electronic music started in 2009. In 2011 she moved from Poland to the United Kingdom. By 2014 she found herself listening to something that had never crossed her path before. It captivated her heart & soul with uplifting vibes & the newfound connection that was to begin her way of life, an amazing & epic journey.

From then onward “PSY-TRANCE” was her new love. In that very same year she began to master the art of CDJ Turntables. For some years just enjoying the fulfilment of mastering the art & craft of Djing, by 2018 Djane Anastazja became a resident for Manchester Psy Trance promotion “CRYSTAL KIDS”. Since then she has performed at many events in the UK. In 2020 she proudly joined UK Psy-Trance record label:- “ENTERREC”.

During the late summer of 2020 she was able to perform for the “PSY ISLAND FESTIVAL” in The Czech Republic. In Summer of 2021 she performed at Spirit Base Festival & her Various Artists / Compilation on ENTERREC – Groovadelic Vol.1 Reached No.1 In the Beatport Psy Charts and it stayed in the top ten for 4 weeks.

In 2022 Djane Anastazja was asked to join the French record label O.V.N.I. Records alongside artists like Luna Rave, Athzira & Djane Psynonima. Djane Anastazja has already begun production to create her Live act & is in collaborations with other artists to begin and continue the unstoppable incredible talent that indeed is Djane Anastazja. Her first release “Soul Flames” made with artist Champa reached number 1 in Beatport in the V.A. Album Sykadelic Dreams Vol.1.

2023 Is set to be the next level for Djane Anastazja as events start to grow once more, she takes bookings for Spirit Base Festival in Austria, Psy Fly Festival in Poland, Mozamboogy Festival in Mozambique and Indian Spirit Festival in Germany. Alongside her residency at Psy Gypsies in London plus many more bookings in the UK.

Saturday Dress Up Theme:
1960's Psychedelic Revival

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