Tourism in Mozambique

Few pointers for tourists coming to Mozambique.

1. Make sure that you have all your vehicles original papers handy in a folder .

2. If your car is on HP you must not forget the letter from the company giving you authority to take the vehicles across the border. Please ask them to make it for the maximum period of 30 days even if you are going only for a few days. This will cover you in case of emergencies. Do the same when you fill in the forms at the border. Rather put the maximum period of 30 days for your visit / holiday.

3. Make sure that your passports are in order. They will not allow you to enter if the passport is going to expire within 6 months of entry. The passport should also have at least 2 blank pages available for stamping. When you get your passport back from the border officials make sure that they have all been stamped.

4. 4.Make sure that you stamp your Passport on BOTH sides of the-border, SA and Mozambique-on your arrival and departure.

5. Never ever carry all your money in you wallets. Hide the majority of your money in your luggage.

6. Check on MOZ INFO files for all the items that you require in and on your vehicles.

7. Border procedure is also available under their file section

8. Keep to the speed limits and wait for the 60 up sign. It is the road sign with lines through the 60. This means that you can travel 100km again.

9. There is also under the files the fines that can be issued so make a copy and keep it and refer to it if you get a fine for speeding.

10. Make sure that front and back passengers all wear their seatbelts.

11. No luggage or items on back seat of your vehicles.

12.No alcohol open or closed in the front all should be packed in the boot.


14. IMPORTANT Get your third party insurance at the border.

Your third party insurance from SA is not valid in Mozambique. When stopped by the police:

1. REMAIN CALM AND FRIENDLY regardless how upset you are after a few stops by the police

2. Do not remove your seat belt when you are pulled over. Only if you are getting out-of your car, but wait until the policeman saw you wearing it.

3. Remove your sunglasses when you are talking to the police. They like to see your eyes and it is a sign of respect.

4. Try and greet them in Portuguese (Bom dia or Boa tarde). You can then tell them that you do not speak any Portuguese.

5. Hand your papers over if they ask. Normally it is only your driver’s licence and Car Registration (Green Form) and the TIP (temporary import permit)

6. If you are being stopped for speed and you do not agree with the police regarding the speed that is shown to you refer them to your GPS if you have one that records your speed that you travel. If you were speeding take it like a man. Don’t blame the police officer for doing his job.

7. Insist on a written fine and go and pay it at the nearest police office. The only place where you can pay a fine outside of towns is where the police have a permanent stop with an office built on the side of the road. (satellite office)

8. If they ask for money to let you go without paying show them a purse / wallet with a maximum of 100 or 200 meticais and tell them that the other police on the way took all the money you had and what is left is for the road ahead.